Seattle, Washington

In 2005, British born, Bakari Fofana came to the USA with his mother and sister, at the tender age of 9 with an athletic flare but with no idea where his atheletism would take him. Having played youth soccer in London (Football if you’re British), Bakari was already being observed by the youth program ran by the infamous Tottenham Hotspurs, in his hometown.

“Coming to America” was a transition that took Bakari into basketball another sport he had no experience in but not only learnt but soon mastered, taking him into 4 AAU National games with the Washington Warriors and Jamal Crawford’s Seattle Speed.

Bakari was often late to start but quick to learn and this was no different with his introduction to Skateboarding at the age of 12 when his grandmother bought him his first skateboard. Whilst most of his peers had been skateboarding since elementary Bakari found a niche he was truly passionate about and determined once again to master. It wasn’t until the age of 14 that Bakari decided to take skateboarding more seriously. BakariSk8s with determination and persistence. BakariSk8s with a focus on one goal, to go Pro.

Bakari’s business mind doesn’t see skateboarding as just a sport, but a way of life filled with passion, which he has made his business.

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