Csaba Bakó

Project Manager in Budapest, Magyarország

Csaba Bakó

Project Manager in Budapest, Magyarország

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I have 4 kids and I work in the ICT sector, where I manage IPTV Application and Recommendation engine developments.

I love mountain biking and I usually go to all the cross county MTB races in Hungary. I prefer the longer terms.

My favorite race is the Salzkammergut Trophy XC MTB race in Austria.

I made the B Strecke 3 times, which is 119 Km long, and have a 3.848 m altitude difference.

I tried to make the hardest A Strecke 4 times, that is 211 Km with 7.049 m altitude difference, but unfortunately I could not finish them because I missed the time limit with a couple of minutes at 100 and 130 Kms. But I do not give it up, since I'm coming closer and closer to the goal, so next year I will try it again!

In July 2014 I made the Hungarian Iron Man race called Extreme Man 226 in Nagyatád. My time was 15 hours 20 minutes, which I consider to be a correct time for an amateur’s first Iron Man. Hopefully I can make it again sometime, maybe in 2018.

I like encouraging people to start biking and do regular trainings in order to keep their health and loose weight. Now I have a couple of followers, and I started a blog about my activities and races to encourage others to go out.

Read my Blog or Join me on Endomondo if you would like to check my daily trainings.

Regards, Csaba

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