Bader Alamri

Bader Alamri

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a person who believes that he can change things!

here somethings I did during my last 26 years of my life!!

- MBBS (or in simple word M.D), King Saudi University, Riyadh, SA, 2013.

- Affiliated resident, Royal College of physicians and surgeons of Canada.

- PGY2, Internal Medicine, Dalhousie university, Halifax, NS, Canada.

- member ,Cultural and Literary Club till 2008.

- representative of Saudi Arabia in second Gulf Poetry Festival in 2006.

- Organizer, blood donation campaign, KSU, faculty of medicine, 2007.

- Participated in the program of ideal students at King Saud University for the summer of 2008 in Britain.

- Organaizer, international obesity conference, KSU, 2009.

- Organizer, international health day, KSU,2009.

- Participant in (Labeeh ya Watan) for helping refugees during the war on southern board of Saudi Arabia, 2010.

- Participant, children educational campaign, 2010.

- Participant in (Jeddah needs help) for helping people during flooding, 2011.

- Member of the Standing Committee of the anti-smoking ,King Saud University.

- Member, Saudi Brazilian youth forum , Brazil, 2011.

- Member, Saudi Chinese youth forum , Saudi, 2011.

* Administrative Positions Held:

- Presedent, Life volunteering club, KSU, between 3/2010-5/2011.

- Supervisor general, huminaty trip documantry movie, KSU, 2009.

- Manager of volunteering program in india, KSU,2010.

- Supervisor general, (Life in India) documantry movie, KSU, 2011.

* Achievements

- A founder of Life volunteering club , as a first student volunteering club in Saudi Arabia, KSU, 2008.

- Winning first prize in the poetry competition , Riyadh , 2007.

- Recipient of numerous training courses ( Character analysis, listening, problem solving and decision-making, the art of persuasion).

- Certified Practitioner of the Canadian Association of Science NLP (neuro-linguistic programming)

that's it!!