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Why website need? the most basic reason is to be known to people widely, unlimited places, not seeing time and unlimited people. Websites can be used for many purposes ranging from fun, hobby, entertainment, personal, trial, show, friendship, community, earn money, sales, education, to serious levels such as offices, institutions and companies.

The bottom line: if your personal, hoby, product / merchandise, organization or community, institution or office wants to be known to people widely, be seen or read by anyone and anytime and from any place, then you need a website.

Bali Web Design - What is the real meaning of the website? Website is one facility that we can use in the internet network as a medium of information that can be presented in the form of writing / text, images, animation and video. Websites are usually arranged in a series of menus or technical terms link / hyperlink which then connects to many pages that provide information such as my word above.