Alma Balo Topalović



my name is Alma, but I also go by the, longterm nickname, Balo. The meaning of it is kinda hard to explain, so don't bother asking.

I really like music, it feeds my soul and I like to eat fruits, especially apples. I also enjoy tea and writing letters the old way.

I like to travel, but sadly I'm stationed in Ljubljana, a really nice city in really (too) small country. So small that they don't even sell good sneakers here, oh.

I am finishing my bachelor diploma at Academy of Fine arts and Design in Ljubljana.
I have a lot of experience in most arias of graphic design. Exploring and learning the craft keeps me going.
I can not tell you what is my best skill, but there is no problem for me to learn something new fast and sufficient.

I hope you find my work interesting. I do quite some things for fun, some things for jobs and requests and I also (rarely) do freebies.

Thank you for stopping by,

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