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Bandar Alrabdi

Arar Saudi Arabia

Let's keep it simple!

I'm 25 years old, from Saudi Arabia. Work & study (Public Administration) since January 2006. I have a Bachelor's degree in Public Administration, Higher Diploma in Public Security Management, and studying a Master's degree in Public Administration. I speak Arabic as a native speaker, English as a professionally fluent speaker. I live in the U.S. since 2011 for my Master's studies.

I love dealing with technology, researching, presenting, reading statistics, and making managerial change. I have worked on e-government, re-engineering management, budgeting, and outsourcing. I have attended many workshops and conferences about Public Administration related issues.

I travel & take pictures a lot. Traveled to 15 countries in the past 5 years to take nearly 12 thousand pictures. I love living in and learning from culture differences.

  • Work
    • Ministry of Interior - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Education
    • Shippensburg University of Pennsylvania
    • Naif Arab University for Security Sciences
    • King Abdulaziz University