Brian Miller

Boston, MA

Looking to make more than just a dent in the world, I’m following my passion for technology and how it can be applied to a spectrum of issues from unraveling complex systems to improving the quality of life.

From an early age, I was constantly taking things apart to see how they worked, sometimes to the chagrin of my parents. I still love to “get my hands dirty” and am fueled by that curiosity of inner mechanics, which has helped guide my career.

To date I’ve developed skills in strategic business development, project management, negotiation, and team building. Using my engineering background, I am very comfortable with quantitative analysis and breaking down problems.

As much as I love the world of rational thought, I crave to take on new challenges, exercise my creativity and expand my breadth of expertise. Following that urge lead me to the Startup Institute to study Sales & Business Development.

  • Work
    • Startup Institute Boston
  • Education
    • Northwestern University - Industial Engineer