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Banc 54 was created to be a boutique brokerage, specializing in binary options, that caters to the specific needs of its clients with a personal touch. We are a group of brokers with extensive experience in the financial markets. We recruited the most experienced professionals from every corner of the financial market, with the explicit purpose of giving our clients the most diverse set of tools and education available, in order to ensure their success. We are highly motivated to make our clients as successful as possible in trading for the very reason that your success is our success.

Before the banking crisis of 2008-9, online trading was extremely limited and risky for the average trader. The financial trading market was run exclusively by Forex, Mutual Funds, CFD’s, products which were convoluted and had the exact same goal in mind; the profits were made by the losses of their clients. All of these financial trading companies had monopolized the market in such a way that the average investor had become conditioned to this type of trading, despite the fact that this was not beneficial to investors.

When the banking crisis reverberated around the world in 2008-9, investors could finally see the truth behind the illusion created by the banks. Financial markets around the world crashed, along with the portfolios of millions of average investors. The banks which were “too big to fail”, were consequently bailed out by the government, but the average investors had not only lost confidence, but were wiped out. Investors around the globe demanded a safer environment, one which had transparent risk, but also provided significant returns with flexibility in the time frame of their investment.

Hearing the demand generated by investors, options were transformed into an instrument that would be both flexible and financially rewarding. These options would come to be known as Binary Options, which since its inception has drawn in the global market in the wake of the financial crisis. This gave investors the opportunity to invest in assets across the board, including commodities, stocks, currencies and indices without overextending their portfolio or capital. Finally investors were satisfied with the safety and security of investing in the financial market, and could rest assured that their investment would be yielding short and long term returns on their investment.

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