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πŸ’Ώ Do not be offended if I deny your request please !! Please read the rules !!


⚰ Heyo I'm Friday, or Jules. I'm a sixteen year old teen living in Midwestern America. I try too hard to be funny. Im an INTP and a Leo. My birthday is July 26th. I like to lucid dream and play video games a lot (Nintendo and PlayStation games), yet I wouldn't call myself a "professional, hardcore gamer." Some of my favorite games are the Mother series, SSB, Animal Crossing, OFF, Yume Nikki, and Klonoa. I like to listen to rock bands and Vocaloid and I'm trash I hope I'm uber cool. πŸ’«


πŸ“Ί Yes, I am an agender (asexual agnostic.) My pronouns are they/he. I'm respectful toward other cultures and diversities even though you might not see me as valid. I will try my best to respect your customs as long as it's not hate speech.


πŸŒƒ You CANNOT follow me if you are:

Against the LBGT+ community

Very religious

You're from school. If you are a mutual from school of mine, I'll accept but if you're anyone else other that three people on my list, you will be immediately blocked.

Someone I've never talked to before

If you are on my personal blacklist or have close relations to someone on my blacklist (contact me)

If you are discriminatory toward minorities; supporting racism, sexism, xenophobia, or queerphobia

Have offensive humor/make fun of people who have differences/disabilities/ideas