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Banning White House

Banning, CA


Sitting in the beautiful San Gorgonia Pass, Banning and Beaumont hold a rich history. It was the home of the Cahuilla Indians. After 1853 came stage coaches, ranches, cowboys and fruit orchards. Banning came into existence because of the Stage Coach Station that ran from Gilman Ranch. The Stage Coach was started in 1862. By 1881, the railroad was laid followed by Route 99 in 1923, Route 60 and Route 70 in 1936 and, subsequently, Interstate 10 which is widely used today. Between1880 and 1890, Banning held the largest year-round population between Redlands, California and the Colorado River.

The Building of the White House

Horace McCoy, the son of one of the founders of Beaumont, dreamed of building a house on a hill with the best views in Southern California. In 1947, after a successful career as an Orthopedic Surgeon from Long Beach, California, he came home to find the property of his dreams. He purchased 30 acres from Gilman Ranch. On weekends Horace worked on his dream home which he finished in 1953. The 10,000 sq ft, white marble-like mansion sits high above the city of Banning. It is the only building on the North Hills. With its Art Deco Streamline architect, surrounded by stunning mountains it makes a unique, one-of-a-kind estate. There is a sense of seclusion and peace on the property that makes it feels” like you are in your own world.”

Horace loved working with wood. He chose mahogany wood for the theme of most of the flooring. Five ton of Arizona Stone went into building the 10 ft long fireplace and flue. From an antique train station he salvaged a curved metal handrail which he incorporated into his main stairs. There are large windows on every exterior wall so as to not miss the 360° panoramic views. Two sun porches to the west with a wall of windows give spectacular views of the setting sun in the evening and city lights by night. His love for automobiles inspired a 16 car garage on the first level. To top it all off he built a 2000 sq ft roof top balcony that overlooks the desert and provides views of 7 different mountain ranges and peaks.

The property is surrounded by pastures to the west that feed cattle in the summer and fall. The southern most part of the property ends in a canyon. You can look down on the wild grape vine covered creek where the wildlife abounds. A pair of red tail hawks nest in a large popular tree. In the spring you can look down on them feeding their youn