Exercise Therapist in Posture Alignment in Seattle, Washington

I started my career in health policy, but eventually gravitated to the art world. As a sculptor, I carved out the human form. Today my passion and fascination still lie with the human form—but from the perspective of functional design. I get tremendous satisfaction out of helping people discover what in their body is causing dysfunction and chronic pain and what they can do about it. I teach my clients how to achieve proper alignment and muscle engagement through an elegantly simple program of whole body corrective exercises. This treatment approach works every time and does not rely on drugs, manipulation or other types of intervention.

So what led me from sculpture to body dynamics? The impetus was my own pain odyssey and inability to find a cure. Thankfully, my last stop in this seemingly endless search for a cure was the Egoscue Method. This no-nonsense fitness and rehabilitative approach to chronic muscle and joint pain profoundly changed my life. It has since inspired me to empower others to become healthy, functional and free of debilitating pain.

As a certified Posture Alignment Therapist and owner of NexStep PainFree, I work with people of all ages and walks of life who want to get out of pain and improve their lives.

When I’m not into other people’s bodies, I’m liable to be found trekking somewhere in the Cascade or Olympics, running or paddling along the Puget Sound and oh yes, doing my posture alignment Ecises.

  • Work
    • NexStep Pain Free, Inc.
  • Education
    • Egoscue University - Certified Posture Alignment Therapist