Barbara Greene Mann

Toronto, Canada

Barbara Greene Mann

Toronto, Canada

I went to Wayne State University and received my Master Of Fine Arts. What a terrible hard career choice but it picks you. And you complain but you keep doing it. That's who I am but then I added more.

I am a singer 4 ever, but was too busy painting, but now it's bursting. Fri I found out lung cancer again , for the 3rd time. Will I win again? My paintings may become very good investments that you'll love.

I still have things to tell the world, Damn it , I am Not ready.

Recently I was in the hospital , for 24 days , in bed, too sick to draw, I argued with everyone as a few gulps of air served me well, I became a mildly antagonistic demon while practicing my next career, stand up comedy.

It seems very unfair to have lung cancer three times. God, a break would have been nice. Twice was plenty. I live alone, and maybe I have 2 friends and no relatives in Toronto. I'm in my mid 60'as, my Mom is 95 and my Dad lived a long time too.

I've been reading about treatments and have been able to find a few outside of Canada, which means no OHIP . My friend Susie went to a clinic and had a remission and now it's gone. Bravo.

I know I can have this miracle too. Please .

Alternative treatment.? I have switched to an organic, expensive, diet, no animal products, sugar or dairy. What's left ? duh. I bought a juicer, but ran out of food. *I qm eating a lot $46 in two days. Arguments and posts about chemo, my attack, my new art works, saving Lucy , in spite of all the latest research there is only one explanation, Edmonton is inhabited my aliens, no one I can conceive of thinks like this.

I finally made a Christmas Card before December 25, and Lucy is dressed for the Holidays, with a glow that says, "please get me out of here." well I'm going to print these tomorrow and like David Crittenton, One 5.95 and 4 for 20$. L

Prints from my Germany show to thank my supporters, as gifts. are displayed on

I have a new blog, easy to remember

Here's my cancer protocol since the Drs. are being so stupid. advice? I made it up myself, diet no meat, diary s out , no peanut butter sandwiches. I went to a healing concert at Musideum to raise money for the healers, I drew some pictures to support them and their talented healing. I had a session and my lungs and heart felt better.

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    • Extrordinaire , Independent Artist for the new Era
  • Education
    • MFA in Fine Arts , Wayne State U, Detroit, MI
    • Thomas jefferson U., Philadelphia, PA, Occupational Therapy