Barbara Aman

As an artist, photographer, writer, and dancer, I draw my inspiration from explorations of indigenous cultures around the world, having practiced my style of “slow travel” long before the term took on its current popularity and description.

I prefer a mindful approach to travel, eschewing the typical tourist’s checklist of “been there done that”. My intent is to stop at intervals – to stay a while - savor the moment(s), and give back in some way.

“Giving back” can take many forms - from photo exhibitions, fundraisers, - to working on NGO projects like Global Habitat for Humanity to educational photo exhibitions.

Having traveled to many “off the beaten path” locations, as well as having lived and worked in both Europe and South America, I am excited to be able to share my experiences through this website, and inspire, in hopefully some small way, the willingness and desire to understand that we are far more alike than we are different.

The Soul of a place is reflected in its inhabitants - the people and their kin who have lived and died there for eons. Traveling, to me, is capturing a glimpse of the spirit of those people - how they live the simplicity of their daily lives. It is these simple stories that draw the world together - stitching that common thread through us all, the weaving of life itself the world over. I start at the heart of being a traveler - I connect through my eyes and heart to interact with the indigenous peoples of our world cultures. I take responsibility for being a respectful ambassador and in doing so, constantly walk the line between visitor and voyeur.

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