Barbara Belvisi

Paris, New-York

After 10 years in the VC and investment industry, we decided to create Elephants&Ventures, an early-stage venture boutique for hardware stratups.

Our starting point was that finance (meant as financing + day-to-day cash management + strategic LT investments) is often poorly handled by startups. Whether they spend too much time on it or don’t have the right skills, it’s often one of their sharpest pain.

And there is no (good) drug for that pain.

Most solutions like traditional financial advisors (aka ibanks, cfos, etc) are short-term oriented (when not fast deal-making oriented) and quite poorly aligned with the long term success of the companies they advise.

We created E&V as an alternative to those traditional advisors with the aim of helping companies turn finance into a strategic asset. So our aim is simple: partner with great startups at an early stage and bring support to founders on strategy + finance all the way to the successful exit. That’s why our approach is long term, hands-on and based on one clear principle: alignment with founders.

To put it (very) simply, we trade a lot of sweat and a bit of expertise against an incentive in the long-term success of companies that we choose to help.

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