BlueSkyOverTheClouds ©2014 by Barbara CM

Italy, Pescara

My name is Barbara.

I don’t do anything special: I am just a woman like the other. With immense love I take care of the needs of all my beloved ones and I learned to do everything in the best way. Sometime I get wrong. A mom and a wife which love to learn new things everyday.

I never get tired of trying new techniques to do my best at everything. I like to draw, paint, embroider, sew, knitting, crocheting, I love to make creative and colorful things, write my patterns, open the boxes of my yarns and try new combinations of wires and colors.

I’m always working on new and original patterns.

Many of my dreams are still locked in a drawer. I’m setting them free. Get ready.

The two pictures on this page and the words written on them are my own original creations©2014, both dedicated to the ones I love. All ©rights reserved to: Barbara CM-BlueSkyOverTheClouds©2014. It is forbidden to edit, copy and distribute the phrases and images of my poems, and for this reason I leave them as they are, without writing their texts separately.

"December 23, 2014. This poem is dedicated to my husband and our four children but I wish that all those who suffer and are experiencing difficulties can find comfort in these words that I wrote with love.From the deep of my heart,

Barbara CM-BlueSkyOverTheClouds©2014"