Barbara Palliser

I have been an astrologer and tarot reader over 20 years now, and an energy balancer/healer all my life but I also trained with The Healing Trust over 5 years for their healing qualification. The spiritual or energy dimension of life is my foundation, essential to me and my work.... 21st December 2012 was a day many believe marked the beginning of a spiritual awakening in us all - a spiritual revolution. It was also the day I was diagnosed with cancer, which started a spiritual awakening of my own. After arduous treatment, including chemo and radiotherapy, I am all clear, with a much clearer mind-set about a whole lot of things related to mind, body and spirit. I have an increased interest and appreciation for life, love and my universe as a result of my experience with cancer and healing; and am slowly but surely re-connecting with my work as an astrologer, card reader and energy healer, with renewed passion and purpose.... I LOVE writing horoscopes! Yes, those sun sign scopes that feature in mags n newspapers are my passion. Read mine below, from my blog Silverwheel Astrology or in the Crack Magazine. My website is or find me on Facebook and Twitter at 'Bond With The Moon'