Barefoot Yoga Studio

Lucan, County Dublin, Ireland

I am a qualified yoga instructor, massage therapist, guitar and bodhrán player and mother of four amazing children. I believe that my daily yoga and meditation practice is the oil that keeps all of the mayhem above running smoothly. Well, most of the time anyhow!

I initially got into yoga looking for something to relieve the stress of working in a very busy and demanding position in the corporate world. I knew there had to be more to life than this crazy rollercoaster I was on. I was constantly trying to balance things between my personal and working life and running myself into the ground as a result.

I wasn’t the most flexible of people, but very quickly, I felt the results of yoga. I signed up to the most comprehensive teaching training course that I could find, left the corporate world and a busy career in Human Resources to teach yoga full time.

My honest belief is that yoga is feasible for everyone, no matter how inflexible or unfit you are. This includes all ages, body shapes and sizes, levels of health, fitness, mobility and yoga experience. It is an ancient practice and everyone can benefit from it.

In saying that, everyone needs to find their own path through yoga, but for me it has brought serenity, gratitude for life and a peace of mind that I never felt before.

Wishing you well in your yoga journey,