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Mother, Writer, and Blogger in British Columbia, Canada

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Hi I am Barb and I am a Wife, Mother, and 58 year old Badass Cook. I love to Cook, Bake, and I love taking care of my Family and Home. I have a one-year-old Dachshund named Willie who rules our house as most Doxie's do. I love garage sales and thrift stores and I love blogging. I also love writing, I am currently working on a novel and hope to have it published before the year is out. I love to laugh, I love to see new things in nature everyday, and I love British Columbia where I live.

My blog has recently undergone a rework, I have just made the decision to go back to the beginning, when I wrote about my life. Now my blog is all about what happens when Willie and I go out for walks, my life in general which is not really exciting but makes me laugh anyway. I will include whatever I like, whenever I like to, some weeks there may be three posts and others may be one or none, a lot will depend on what I find to talk about and what I think might be something you would want to hear about. I have decided I am not going to be held to anyone else's idea of when and how often I have to blog.

Oh, and keep your eyes open, every now and then I will throw in a short story that I have written.

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