Tiffany Lynn

Owner in West Peoria, Illinois

Tiffany Lynn

Owner in West Peoria, Illinois

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* Family (of course)

* SimplySunshine Independent Contractor

* Cooking and Naturopathy

* Karaoke & Music

Most of my time is with my son and daughter. I try to schedule work I can do with them or when daddy is home. My company SimplySunshine encompasses the main services I provide. As Personal Assistant I do paper/computer work, errands and shopping, online shopping, scheduling, trip planning, budgeting, taxes, and other similar tasks. I also provide naturopathic consulting which may include meal planning/ preparation, massage therapy, supplement suggestions, counseling, or other therapy as needed. Lastly I sell custom made jewelry and other items.

My most frequent client is a karaoke DJ company. Being part a small business, I do a lot more than one or two things!! I really enjoy this work. I also enjoy all different types of music, and enjoy singing too. I've been around computers since I was a child so that part interests me as well. Usually we play local bars, which I am warming up to; but I really enjoy playing private parties like weddings and birthdays as people are so great there.

Since I've moved to the area, joined lives with my true love, had my first child and now second, work for me has changed from a 9-5 style for money to finding my purpose and helping others.

I am one of those kind of people who if you ask for my help I will most likely do whatever I can to help you. I look forward each summer to go camping with my family, I still have the same best friend from childhood, and feel each person who comes into my life serves a purpose for me to learn from and make a difference to.

If YOU are looking for a new friend, a business associate/connection, or just a favor feel free to e-mail me for more information on what I can do for YOU.

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    • BA from Western IL University