Barristers for Drivers

London, United Kingdom

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------------------------------------------------ Who Are We? ------------------------------------------------

Barristers for Drivers connects you with your own Public Access Barrister who can represent you and handle your case directly.

We can defend you on any Driving Offence that you are charged with. All of our Barristers are Public Access qualified, established practitioners and experts in their fields.

------------------------------------ What is a Public Access Barrister? -------------------------------

Traditionally you would need a Solicitor to manage your case and they would organise a specialist Barrister to represent you at Court if the matter proceeded to trial. The rules have recently changed allowing you to instruct your own Barrister directly.

You can now cut out the middle man, cut down the costs and cut out the hassle. Contact us today to be put directly in touch with your own specialist Court expert to represent you right through your case.

----------------------------------------------- Why Choose Us? --------------------------------------------

With Barristers for Drivers, you can be certain that you are receiving the best possible representation from experienced Court specialists, at the best possible price.

You have direct access to your own dedicated barrister throughout your case. You do not have to pay for a solicitor, a paralegal or a solicitor’s secretary. Our services are therefore offered at very reasonable rates.

We charge up front fees for our services so that you are never hit with hidden costs and know exactly what you are paying.

----------------------------------------- How Much Will It Cost? ------------------------------------------

The fees that our Barristers charge depend on the offence that you are charged with and type of hearing that you require them for. You can view our costs below.

---------------------------------------------- Contact Us Now ----------------------------------------------

Choosing the right person to represent you can mean the difference between success and failure. It is vital that you contact your Barrister as swiftly as possible so that they can assess and prepare your case properly.

Contact us now to speak to your own Barrister. It's simple, fast and affordable.