Business Owner in Pretoria, South Africa

I live in Montana, Pretoria, South Africa, 56 years old and have worked in 100 countries. Speak English, Afrikaans and Italian.I am interested in Business between Italy & Africa, Agriculture Technology, Food & Beverage Technology, Renewable Energy Technology, Information Technology System, Pay TV Information TechnologyI love Science, Africa,the farm (Free State),250cc motorcross racing,Kayak fishing, (fresh water),Hobie 18 Sailing.Chairman and Founder of Yx AGRI Group. Past experience, achievements and accolades see LinkedIN Profile below....I am a SEENAGER (Senior Teenager) everything I wanted as a teenager (only 40 years later and a couple of organs less, (bladder cancer survivor). I do not have to work, study or do homework. Do not need to listen to teachers. Get a monthly allowance, have my own places, cars, sailboats, kayaks & MX bikes and drivers licence. Have no curfew. My friends do not get pregnant, do not do drugs & go fishing with me.I do not have acne, I eat what & whenever I want (pudding for main course). Do not have to clean my room or house or do gardening. Do not have to wash cars or paint the house. Read as late as I want, whatever I want.. Do not want to drink or smoke. Have the coolest girlfriend (my wife married 35 years to the same lady). Travelled around the world too many times, very, very happy to stay somewhere in Africa & only travel in the SADC.Achieved and succeeded all aspirations of myself, parents and to my great satisfaction, proved of all my doom-profit teachers 100% wrong!.Get to talk to people everyday that care & have the time to ask and to really care to listen how you are.!Life is great and thank God for it everyday!

  • Work
    • Yx AGRI
  • Education
    • MBA, MIT, Boston, USA