Barry Nolte

Redmond, WA

Barry Nolte has been programming computers ever since he borrowed time on a TRS-80 at the local Radio Shack in his home town of Eugene Oregon. After college he designed hardware for a small company in Bothell Washington that taught him that any two things can be connected if you try hard enough. During the 90′s and 00′s, he spent most of his time working for Microsoft where he was one of the principal engineers improving the companies internal tools, development process and helping drive technical acquisitions. He helped take their bug tracking system into the world of SQL Server (and across the MIPS/Alpha/PowerPC implementations of Windows NT). After bringing SQL to it's knees with the burden of tens of thoasands of people editing bug reports all day (and night) long, he was tasked with creating the ultimate performance measuring tool to help improve performance of the companies enterprise products. During the many years a lead developer on the data collection, binary instrumentation and reporting tools, he filed and received a half dozen patents related to those technologies. After being a competitive advantage for a decade, those performance tools are now included in the premium versions of Visual Studio. If that wasn't enough excitement, he then worked on the Visual Studio debugger to help improve multi-process and multi-threaded debugging. He was also the developer in charge of porting the Visual Studio debugger to the new Windows ARM platform. All along his career he as been called on to help debug hard problems and improve performance either through code reviews or hands on measurement. He also has a competitive advantage, he helped create the tools and techniques needed to help you get past the hardest of problems in your product, whether it be a bug that you just can't reproduce and fix, or a performance problem that that is driving your customers crazy.

  • Work
    • Nolte Enterprises, LLC
  • Education
    • Oregon Institute of Technology