Bart Weijs

You may call me crazy, but I believe a better world is possible. Can we afford not to be idealistic? I want to play a meaningful role in making this world a better place.

So, a researcher? Yes, I love investigating, learning, discovering the undiscovered, and informing the world. But that's not all. I also enjoy being more practically involved, working with other, implementing hands-on projects – or at a higher level, strategic thinking about the future, and taking decisions. I am a researcher and an organiser, I like to combine thinking with doing, and in everything, I enjoy doing things well. Making beautiful things.

I am currently involved in two projects at Disaster Studies at Wageningen University, one dealing with (flood) disasters in the Netherlands, the other with local governments in post-conflict states. What interests me in both are issues of governance, and the interface between (local) government and the community.

This is me. I also love to read, travel, spend time with friends, my wife, my family, God. I enjoy running and ice-skating. More? Feel free to check out my Linkedin (sorry, my Facebook is private), and send me a message.