Bas Eshuis

Small Business Owner and Consultant in Brussels, Belgium

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Hello, I’m Bas.

I help CFO's and CIO's to realise common goals.

Ever since I was young, I was strongly interested by organising. Organising trips, holidays, accounting issues, and later also economics and solving ICT problems.

I had the chance to follow and finish both Finance and ICT studies, followed by a Master in management.

I spent my whole work career in and between both Finance and ICT topics, and I loved it. I lived in, and traveled to and through, several European countries.

I decided to combine passion and experience in a new business: CFO meets CIO. The first teaser went live on Youtube.

I share blogs, e-books, organise webinars and workshops, and give specific support and advise to both CFO's and CIO's.

When I am not working, I love car design, reading books, play chess and allow tramways around the world.

  • Education
    • spd-2
    • ambi
    • ESSEC Business School
    • PMI Colleges