Bashak Tarkan-Blanco

Bashak Tarkan-Blanco's current drawings and designs are an amalgamation of Ottoman calligraphic line and her own contemporary vision. As a Turkish American who grew up in Istanbul, she was inspired by Turkish and Western visual culture. Her experience with the ornate decorations that graced Ottoman architecture and design instilled within her a sense of color, harmony, and balance that is rarely seen in Western visual art.

Instead of creating only eloquent patterns as the Ottoman artisans were required to create, Bashak chooses the elements within each artwork very much in the same contemporary space that most Western artists do. In other words, she creates pictures. This reminds the viewer that although these artworks contain similar repetition and harmonious color arrangements found within the Ottoman designs, they can be taken in without pretense, by themselves, and the pleasure that is derived from her art is immediate and timely to all people across the globe.

Bashak Tarkan-Blanco is an artist and designer who lives and works in Miami, FL.