Bashar Al-Assad


I am the President of the Syrian Arab Republic, I have the longest neck ever and known to be one of the youngest president in the World, and of course I am a son of my hero father Hafez Al-Assad, who knew how to govern the Syrian people and cause conflicts in Lebanon, Turkey, Iraq, Jordan, and Palestine, my father, who proved his judgment on the Syrian people through the delivery of the Golan Heights to Israel.

I am proud of my achievements in Syria and have killed 14,196 martyr in 410 days since the beginning of the revolution on March 15, 2011 up to the date April 30, 2012. After the skit plan of Mr. Annan (UN envoy) on April 12, 2012 my loyal troops killed 781 martyrs, including 45 children and 62 women, I have displaced Hundreds of Thousands of Syrian families and imprisoned Hundreds of Thousands of my people because they disrespected me, my family, and my believes, and demanded change, dignity and freedom, after all what I did for them they are demanding freedom!!

My enemies: Syrian people and everyone who stands for freedom, humanity, and dignity.

Hobbies: Hunting ducks, lying, representation, and philosophy.

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