basil mouasher

Chronic Pain Relief Specialist and Life Coach in Gold Coast, Australia

Basil Mouasher is a passionate person with a strong human spirit in contributing to people to better their lives.

Basil’s vision and cause is to help people reach ‘their ultimate.’ A highly skilled practitioner, teacher, speaker and life coach.

Since he was 16, when both his ankles were fused after surgery, leaving him with almost no movement in his feet, he has been on a quest to know more about the body and mind - innovating a unique and safe way to balance the body’s structural system, freeing it from pain and limitations. Kanetica™ Therapy (Hands-On) is helping people do life better.

Basil’s inspiring story of adversity as a young teenager that has left him with a lifelong disability, has not stop him from overcoming great hurdles in his life. His been on a quest to better himself and to develop a deeper understanding of the human body and mind, which has become his life’s work. His attitude, courage and perseverance has led him not only to conquer his own physical and mental limitations to achieve many things, but has enabled him to start the Kanetica Cause and his story to help others.

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    • Founder of Kanetica