Basil Schoonens

Small Business Owner in Barcelona, Spain

Basil Schoonens

Small Business Owner in Barcelona, Spain

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I am a customer experience leader with 15+ years experience, leading teams in sales, service and marketing.

My main objective is always to improve organizational results. It is my believe that in the long term organizations that act in the interest of their customers will prevail.

Therefore it is my ambition to raise the bar for customer experience. An outstanding customer experience leads to greater brand loyalty, repeat sales and lower costs.

I create an innovative customer experience strategy from the ground up. I involve the entire organization and use customer insights to bring customers and their journeys to life.

Sometimes it is my job to identify opportunities to reduce complexity, costs and implement better customer centric processes. Digital processes that meet the needs of customers, are personal, easy and fun.

Social Media has become more and more important in a customer journey. I am partnering with Obi4Wan to effectively integrate social media in organizational processes. Obi4Wan provides a tool for social media monitoring, webcare, publishing and social analytics.

My clients are leaders who want to boost their reputation and increase their profits by delivering the best customer experience in their field of business.

I am a family man with a passion for outdoor activities: walking and biking, going to the beach, playing soccer with my two boys and golf with friends. I love mountains in winter and summer.

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