Basim Mirza

Toronto, Ontario

Basim is the Best Selling Author of Your Naked Brand, and the Founder of TOP Academy Training. He is also an in-demand trainer, and one of the most sought after speakers on social networking. He helps leaders achieve life changing growth in their social networks, so that they can earn more income, build a powerful career, and develop awesome contacts.

Basim has spoken at the renowned Schulich School of Business, which ranks the #1 Business School in the World by Aspen Institute and Wall Street Journal. He's also spoken at University of Toronto, Wilfrid Laurier, and many other established schools across Canada. With the impact and power behind his methodologies, Basim continues to be invited back to speak at these prestigious schools.

He has also been featured as a main speaker for NSPIRE, interviewed by CBC Radio, and has been featured on CityTV, Virgin Radio, and Yahoo Pulse. Basim is extremely passionate about growing leaders through social networking.