Basit Saeed

Karachi, Pakistan

An ex-entrepreneur turned corporate slave. I believe that the power of software coupled with the reach of social media are the change agents of this era. I develop software for businesses and end-users that help them solve a real-world problem in an efficient manner. I dream about making world a better place using software and ICT's (Information and Communication Technologies). Too cliché, eh?

I'm the brains behind Counsel For Career (Career Guide), you know a social startup that got shortlisted in P@SHA (Pakistan Software Houses Association) Social Innovation Funds. Ran this project for a while and counseled so many students across Pakistan.

I'm very much into developments in technology, social media, and gadgets. I run my blog(s) and I'm very outgoing kind of a person. Love movies and occassional books.

I guess that's enough about me. If you'd like to connect with me, you can do that using my social media links below.

Nice to meet you!

  • Work
    • Web Developer
  • Education
    • Bachelors in Computer Science