Bruce Stewart

Bruce A. Stewart is an internationally-recognized management & senior IT leadership consultant and private executive advisor operating from Toronto, Canada.

He is known for the creation of IT Governance Boards, for his popular blog Getting Value from IT on management issues, for his writing at CIO Canada and IT World Canada, for his daily column for the Beacon News chain in Western Canada, or on his personal blog It's Just a Jump to the Left, then a Step to the Right on societal issues.

Previously, Bruce was co-host of 650 CISL's BizTalk Radio, Voice America Business' ZenBiz Radio, and Conscious Planet Radio's Citizen at Large, wrote for the US edition of Computerworld, and has written over 450 research notes and reports for Gartner, Inc., META Group, Inc. and Accendor Research, Inc.

He is a former sessional appointee to the Graduate Faculties of Management (University of Toronto), Education (University of British Columbia) and Information (University of Toronto). His thirty-eight year career in IT and management includes tenure as the CEO of a publicly-traded software company, and management roles in banking, government, retail, broadcasting and education. He has been as well a consultant with clients in insurance, utilities, trade unions, financial service firms, software development and channel marketing, and an executive advisor and research analyst.

Bruce has served on multiple boards — for-profit and not-for-profit — dealt with M&A issues, outsourcing concerns, major reoganizations and financial restructurings. He is an accredited Cognitive Edge practitioner. His academic degrees are in philosophy of history.

You can find Bruce on LinkedIn, Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, or contact him by email.