Adana Washington

Baths can be sexy. I love to take steamy baths before a night out. Baths can be sacred. I use bath melts in my spiritual bathing rituals. Baths can be soothing. I adore fizzing bath bombs that soak my skin in moisture and nourishment. I love the sensuality of solid perfume, and the intimate moments it creates throughout the day.

Because I love these things, and use them in my everyday life, these are the things that I make and offer at Moon Lave. I believe in the simple, natural and romantic. And I believe that an enhanced bath can enhance lives. Moon Lave Bath Cubes are compact bath bombs hand packed with essential oils and nourishing moisturizers. Every one of my creations are made with my own two hands, using less than twn ingredients – many of which are organic and vegan-friendly.

When I'm not making bath cubes, I can be found in the kitchen, at the bookstore, or in the bath tub. I love paranormal romance novels and the simple pleasures of life.