Nichole Duncan-French Votaw

Syracuse New York

I freely admit to being very strange. I am an HSP or Hypersensitive to the point of empath. Yes, I am empathic. And due to my HSP, I probably see this world much differently, than many other people do. I read tarot. Have since I was 14. I have visions that usually come in my dream state. I have never claimed to be "psychic" however, people often try to label me as such. I am highly creative, artistic, and imaginative. I have a very " complex inner word," I am told. I am also a Syracuse University grad (BFA), a hard worker, a kind person, very awkward, and a good listener. I'm sure there will be more to follow....

  • Work
    • Salina Library
  • Education
    • Cicero- North Syracuse High School
    • Syracuse University