I Putu Bayu Kenanda

Jimbaran, Badung, Bali, Indonesia

Hi, maybe I'm someone that you had already known before. Or not. If you hadn't known me before, maybe this is worth-reading for you. Or not.

Many people left a bad impression on me, I don't know why. But, I want to tell something, people. "I ain't your bad first impression. Just stick with me and I'll show you my world.". What's wrong with me? I'm a good(-looking) person, just like you. I'm a someone who always want to get better and better achievement in life. just like you. And I hate cockroach! (maybe that isn't like you).

About me? Well, first, I speak four languages (looking forward to ten). And I'm really into gadgets, computer hardwares, music, and chemical reaction. Also, in tags below, you can see "Reading Manga" and "Watching Anime". For your information, these are two things that make my life awesome. They always give me something new every week, and it's really worth-to-wait.

About my childhood? As memory reserves, I was........wait. I don't remember anything!

About my family? Uhhhhhh...are you sure you want to know? Okay, I have one brother, zero sister, one mother, one father, zero step-mother, and zero step-father.

Anyway, if you want to know 'more' about me, there are always some ways to figure. By Facebook, Twitter, and e-Mail. Which way do you prefer? I don't care. All I want to say is thanks for spending your precious seconds on this unworthy page. You're more than welcome to fave my page if you like this and I'll be more than happy to appreciate that. Or not. Hahahaha, just kidding. :P

Oh, and I have a little dream, I WANNA BE FAMOUS!

Memulai eksistensinya di interweb setelah dibelikan modem oleh bapaknya pada tahun 2010. 3 tahun setelahnya, ia masih belum menjadi apa-apa. Saat ini menjabat sebagai Anak Pertama di sebuah keluarga kecil milik I Putu Wiartha Suhita dan Ida Ayu Putu Murtini.

  • Work
    • Currently unemployed
  • Education
    • TK Wipara
    • SDN 11 Jimbaran
    • SMPN 1 Kuta Selatan
    • SMAN 2 Kuta
    • Universitas Udayana Fak. MIPA Jur. Kimia