Bandar Alzabi

Network engineer in Al Jubail, Saudi Arabia

I'm one of the Saudi students in New Zealand and studying Network and Telecommunication Engineering at Auckland University of Technology (AUT). I'm doing my best just to make my family proud of me in the future. I'm going to reach my dream soon inshallah. Proudly Muslim. Allah believer and lover. Growing up in the world’s largest producer and exporter of oil ( The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia ) from Jubail Industrial City, Arabian Gulf. Lots and lots of sticky dreams. Positive young man. impulsive. I'm very fond of learning different cultures. And that's may not be enough to know me

26th of August is my birthday.

Kind and best regards

Bandar Alzabi

طالب في الجامعات النيوزيلندية العالمي هو عشق ف الحياة . احب الشعر ولاكن لست بشاعر، حكمتي هي: لا تنظر الى الهالك كيف هلك انظر الى الناجي كيف نجى.

خالص تحياتي و تقديري

بندر بن خالد بن سحوب

  • Work
    • Arabic Counseller at WorldWide School Of English
  • Education
    • Auckland University of Technology