Bazam Dhillon

Happy,Honest,Harmless,very spiritual,Ambitious,Aggressive,Hardcore emotional,mind my very own business.wana be a superb person and want to do lots of good work in life.i never interfere in any ones life n expect same from others.
I fear nobody except God.
I am a very gud, well mannered n well behaved human being unless u piss me to d core.
i love to travel travel n travel.. want to see all d beautiful places in this world before i die.
i dnt like people who try to act stupid innocents.
I love my family n frns a lotttt...i am a bigggggg fan of my mom dad .. mom for her generous n spirtual nature AND dad for his honesty&strong truthfulness n being soo helpful to every one like a saint n fearless like a lion .i m proud i carry their genes.
Motto of my life is d words My dad always says '' Show d world u exist somewhere and always help d needy if god has given you resources and power.Leave your such footprints that others find it worth to follow.''

For every relation in life---->Be true n honest to me i ll give u my life..if opposite i ll simply trash u with no hard feelings at all ..

Honesty is a trait of strong.
jealousy is a trait of weak and less efficient.

life is like an ice cream enjoy it before it melts .. v gona live this life js once n one day every one has to die(people usually forget this hard fact about life) so lets live it without hurting anyone or doing any ill-vill to others .after all god is watching us every second of life n he is surely going to punish u some way if u doing anything wrong in life.
wish this world to b a happy place .