Listen to my music

hello im wade ! i am an 18 yr old pansexual trans male and prefer he/him and they/them pronouns ! im currently in a queer-platonic partnership with a few great friends !

i enjoy greeting new people so please don't be afraid to talk to me ! i always try to keep a positive mind about my life yet some days aren't quite the best. as for my friends, i enjoy helping out others and making people happy (if you're ever down, i'll try my best and manage to cheer you up somehow) !

for my list of hobbies, im an artist and graphic designer ! i really love constructing and building objects and props ! i abosutely love daft punk, mystery skulls, savant, chromeo, and caravan palace ! if you enjoy them too, talk to me about them ! im a very big disney fan ! im usually there 24/7 and i visit disney world every year !

ids: i am wade wilson from marvel and gabriel reyes from overwatch. no, this is a not a kin, etc... if you identify or kin as me, i do not mind at all ! im somewhat okay with doubles so ask to follow if u identify as me ! i identify as a few other characters as well.

and that's about it ! thanks for reading !