Bond Blackman

Kansas City, Missouri

As a Jewelry Artist/Designer, Bond Blackman creates unusual, original and bold concepts that spontaneously flow into him from the media itself. Unusual stones, ancient coins or pottery, antique buttons or pieces of unusual vintage jewelry all serve as inspirations for his unique jewelry designs. No two pieces can or should ever be the same! His jewelry has been described as “wearable art” or “jewelry sculpture”. HISTORY: Born in 1934, Bond is doing 2-3 shows each month with his young wife Nancy. He continued to work at his bench after surgery to pin his torn shoulder ligaments together for the entire six months he was in a sling. He states his vigorous nature keeps him young in spirit and body. Bond has lived his life entirely as an artist: from motion picture writer and producer to poet, creator and innovator of mosaics in wood, intarsia and Pietra Dura techniques using precious stones, as an art director and writer as well as a professional appraiser of ancients prior to the Magna Carta – Bond’s life has been and continues to always be surrounded in creativity. As a native Kansascitian, he worked in the motion picture business in Los Angeles. Later he worked as a director/producer and screenplay writer at Warner Brothers/Chardoff-Winkler. His interests gravitated to working in wood crafting two dimensional bas-relief using unprecedented techniques of his own invention. Subsequently, this unique art form was collected by many celebrities including John Denver, Burt Reynolds, Michael Landon, Ed McMahon, song writer Jimmy Weatherly Midnight Train to Georgia and others. His works were commissioned as well as bought at his studio/gallery and at Los Angeles art shows. His originals of Emmett Kelly, W.C. Fields, and reproductions of classic artists such as Paul Klee’s The Clown, Edward Munch’s The Scream, Modigliani’s Woman on a Bed, Rene Magritte’s Evening Falls, George Brock’s A Woman Sewing and others were celebrated as a break-through art form in Century City art shows as he used specialty woods as the media for large mosaic pictures. Bond has continued his interest in the ancient art of Pietra Dura in precious stone and metals and has several new mosaic designs on the board for next year. Bond wants to become a nationally collected jeweler in the next 3 years. ART REPORTER & APPRAISER: As an art reporter, Bond wrote a column for the Kansas City Business Journal while he managed his art gallery in Westport, Gallery Woodstock. He has been a television guest

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