Bhagyashree Bokade

Engineer, Artist, and Photographer in Austin, Texas


I am a computer hardware engineer by profession and a happy-go-lucky person by choice. Being an absolute Indian at heart, I love everything quintessentially Indian – spicy food, riot of colors, myriad forms of art, sensational celebrations, traditional values, deep beliefs and bubbling emotions.

I am a big foodie and relish both eating and cooking. I like exploring new places and meeting different people. I am an ardent nature person. Nature is true bliss for me. I love to soak in the early morning Sun and go all dreamy in the starry nights. I enjoy painting and photography. It is my way of connecting with the nature. In fact the background image is one of my own clicks of the Congress Avenue Bridge. I usually end my day with a walk amid nature listening to music.

I enjoy humor and do my best to make the atmosphere around me happy. I constantly experiment and challenge myself and keep learning new things. I like to deal with any issues head on rather than sweeping it under the carpet. I am quite determined and passionate about every small thing in my life and find true happiness in helping others.

  • Work
    • Intel Corporation
  • Education
    • Syracuse University
    • University of Mumbai
    • D.G. Ruparel College
    • St. Mary's High school