Brian Bush


A confident, passionate & experienced entrepreneur and connection expert. I am a skilled connector and will link people and businesses where opportunity exists if not create it. This may be to develop new business opportunities and new revenue streams or simply to optimise those that already exist. I do not like sitting still or being involved in only one market at any one time and bring vision and drive to everything that I do. If I think something needs to be done I will do it regardless & join the ride or be as happy to create it completely. I believe that we need to model the Education arena to drive forward entrepreneurship and effect change in this space and I involve myself where needed. I am also now directly involved in the Charity sector across child abuse/neglect and bullying as they should not happen and the inspiration & guidance of young people as this should. I am passionate about business and the requirement for new start ups to be formed, nurtured and grown to aid fully the local economy and allow entrepreneurs to succeed and gain the assistance they need, when they need it. I am a speaker & happy to cover all subjects across business & entrepreneurship, selling, inspiration, self development and use my own life and experiences to demonstrate all aspects of this wonderful journey