bill 🌴

Student in the United States

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im cipher and whoaoaooa!

16 / usa / he/they

u can call me any kin name if u want also

my qpp is kyle 💕 and im dating simon ⭐️

please tag snakes + general nsfw (even text implications) for me

don't follow if you don't meet basic byf criteria (racist, sexist, homophobic, etc.), if you are anti otherkin, or if you're pro trump.

i identify as a lot of fictional characters. i'm ok with multiples following me, so long as we don't call each other fake.


⭐️ bill cipher - gravity falls

⭐️ stan marsh - south park


⭐️ luke skywalker - star wars

⭐️ rick sanchez - rick and morty

⭐️ dib membrane - invader zim


⭐️ raven queen - ever after high

⭐️ beatrice - over the garden wall

⭐️ orel puppington - moral orel

dm me a picture of a baby if u read all of this