Bradley Corrigan-Toole

Kirklees, West Yorkshire, UK

The chances are, that you've not landed here on accident! Hopefully, you were looking for me! But if, perchance you have landed here by accident, I hope you enjoy yourself, and I also hope that you may forgive any typographical errors and remember that I am merely a fourteen year old student!

I should really write about myself, but I always find that oneself doesn't accurately portray said person, becuase they have to think too hard. So, instead, I'm going to explain why I chose my background! Seems weird, I agree, but it should help you to see what my passions are etc. and help you get a slight grasp on me as a person.

I chose my background because it displays modern architecture, it's not architecture I'm interested in, it's the constant progression among human kind as a society and as a species, working together to survive, thrive and make our own lives as comfortable, luxurious and fulfilling as possible, before the inevitable end.

One thing that has come to evolve particularly over the past one - two decades is communication, we've gone from paid mail with the classic envelope, stamp, and the awful wait for your letter to be delivered, and then the wait for a reply. In the new type of society we are living in, we have all sorts of effectively free communication. Twitter, Facebook, Google+, So.Cl, Tumblr, Instagram, the list is endless, but another important factor about modern communication is that one can receive a reply from a person located on the other side of the world, almost immediately!

The one thing about these communications and enhancements for modern life is that we forget to consider the left behind, the ones still living in deep poverty, not just the ones in third world countries, but also, the ones living amongst us, the ones we ignore, pretend not to exist, we see them squalor in awful conditions in our cities, but the majority of us do nothing to help them. I can proudly say I have helped feed the poor, can you?

As a closing note, I'd like to thank the people and the charities that do help the poor and needy across the globe, regardless of race, country, gender, sexuality, age or anything else. To me, these people are as important as out military service, our emergency services & the NHS.