Bryan D. Greene

Writer and Filmmaker in San Antonio, Texas

Bryan D. Greene

Writer and Filmmaker in San Antonio, Texas

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Delivering messages that encourage and uplift others is at the core of who I am. My desire for positively influencing people is a process that has been developing over many years and has manifested itself in many ways.

Although this journey has taken me in various directions, working in Health Care, serving the community as a Minister of a local Church, I discovered early on my preferred method of inspiring others is through Stage, Film Productions, and Motivational Speaking in the event setting.

Throughout my years of school, I developed my skills and love for all aspects of performing, from writing, casting, directing, set design and marketing shows to the community. After High School I received my first opportunity to test my skills as I wrote, cast and directed youth productions for various Parks and Recreation Programs in the Las Vegas Area.

Starting a family changed my priorities and I deviated from the Arts and went into Health Care, Motivational Speaking and the Ministry. These experiences increased my ability to be effective while working with people in difficult situations. The most important lesson learned was developing compassion for the human condition.

Unable to ignore childhood aspirations my journey brought me back to the Arts. In 2012 I received a Bachelors of Science Degree in Entertainment Business.

I am excited to announce BLeaf Entertainment llc. is the brand and company in which I will be marketing the up and coming Novels, Stage Plays, Film Projects, Motivational Speaking Engagements and Merchandise! Please like the Facebook Page @ and follow the company on twitter @bleaf711. Witness, and support this dream as it grows from a seed, a simple idea, into a force that helps change lives in an uplifting way!

The foundation is laid for the future of my ultimate vision of not just owning and operating a Film and Stage Production Company, but a concept that will help people believe they can achieve their true potential.

On Stage or the Silver Screen, entertainment can reach the masses and uplift, encourage and redirect us in a positive direction. I welcome you to join and or assist me in my journey.

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    • Full Sail University