Nora Gerstenberg

Thaimassage therapist and Holistic Bodyworker in Berlin, Deutschland

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My treatments are a mixture of what I experienced so far - and I like to share these gathered knowledge, experiences, insights and feel-good-moments to support you on your journey.

My path in the healing arts was always driven by the inherent human need for connection, understanding and development.

Fascinated by the moving body in dance and acrobatics I decided to study physiotherapy which gave me a solid ground in anatomy and I continue to discover movements and all facettes of the human body.

The curiosity to look behind the structural layers brought me to yoga which I studied and practised intensively for 4 years... A coincidence and confusion led me to thailand to study thaimassage. There began the re-connection to my inner core -

and I decided to continue studies in Thaimassage & Holistic Bodywork with Pascal Beaumart. This approach and being his assistant in courses & trainings give me a sound background and a wide range of tools to work with.

I'd like to create a common ground and safe space for you where you can simply be yourself and find what is needed at that moment in time to grow...

You are welcome!