Topp Byskov

Lots of people are submitting articles to article submission sites, which is really a smart way to gain traffic. But not one of them realize that there's ways to actually improve the results of writing an article.

The Mistake

I'm confident that you do, as soon as your submitting an article, do you paste your whole article. There are two problems with this:

1) Provoking your audience to visit your site reduces

2) it may be read by Google as a product if you also posted the article on your blog/site also.


1) When your reader finishes reading your report, and their pleased, what could their normal behavior be, clicking on your web address or visit other articles to learn a lot more. It would be visiting other articles, but you do not want that to happen. So there's a way to resolve this. When publishing your article, only post the total article on your website or blog and the initial half on the article websites. Get the idea? What exactly would happen now, if your article was well composed and your audience is interested, then they would gladly visit your blog or site to continue on their study. It is a great way to get all your happy readers to your site.

2) As many people do, they post them on the site/blog publish their articles to websites and also. Now what happens, well Google greatly dislikes copied information. Clicking the seemingly provides tips you can use with your dad. They call it a supplement, and if you publish your complete article onto your site or blog and on to the directories if your article on the article directories gets indexed by Google, then a site on your blog or site will not be indexed by Google. Visiting maybe provides tips you might give to your mom. Therefore, only send half your article on the directories and the entire article on your site or weblog. To get one more viewpoint, please consider peeping at: TM.

Making it powerful

Let's say that your teaching your reader something or exposing something that could greatly benefit them. Well you've to know when to use it, so you will get your reader to your site. On the first half of your article that you will submit to the article websites, go over the details on what you