Jasmin Dela Cerna Sotelo ღ


Mary Jasmin DelaSerna Sotelo is the real name .

I'm very outgoing person, I'm pretty easy to be with. I am just a floater type of person, I always want to get along with everyone. Sometimes I put myself out there and let the people see the real me.

Everyone is going to have their own opinion for what and who I aM .

I'm YOUNG and want to explore everything . I'm doing it , because
it's something I wanted to do . I feel like its The time to do it ,
and have fun and experiment more about MYSELF :)

I'm willing to sing just one song if you like:) I can sing ! I don't know if I'm good , but I always wanted to sing even back then .
But I just have to wait for the matter of the right timing. I'm sure people don't expect me to be in that
business. But I LOVE exploring other areas of the things I wanted TO DO ! MUSIC IS A REALLY BIG
PART OF ME . It's a ways to let my stress and feelings OUT !

I'M NOT PERFECT BUT I'M THANKFUL. I'm too much contented of What I have Now.