Beata & Jade Schofield

Hi and Welcome to our blog :-)

We would like to share our travel experiences and our passionate Love for ASIA. Hopefully our blog can be useful to others who feel the same about this Amazing Continent!!

A little about us : My name is Beata and I came to the UK in 2004 at the age of 19 to work , get a better standard of life and hope for a brighter future . The economy in Poland is very hard - unemployment is high and the wages low. Growing up in a small village i never knew anyone who had traveled - none of my family and friends were able to save enough or even think about such an extravagance as a holiday abroad...

My husband Jade is British and has always lived in the UK. We met in my 1st job over here at Monaghan Mushroom farm:-)

When we both saved a little bit of money a year later we went for my 1st proper holiday abroad to Majorca ( my Hubby already been to few islands in Greece) ...and i was Hooked!!!

Ever since I have dreamed of travelling...

We have always had standard manual labour jobs and after everyday expenses - mortgage, bills etc - its not always easy to save but when we can we do try to travel abroad.

We have visited a few countries in Europe and are always happy and feel fortunate wherever we travel. But our blog is mainly dedicated to Asia as we are really fascinated whenever we visit.

Asia is the home to some of the Most Beautiful places on Earth and the friendliest people in the World! It is also such a Interesting and Diverse Continent in terms of Culture,Climate, History and Landscape. To us every time we travel to the Far East it is like a dream come true...

When it comes to organizing trips its myself who normally makes the arrangements as I really enjoy spending hours online researching and learning .(My Hubby hasn't got much patience with that haha)

Our perfect holiday is a mix of a bit of everything : city, islands, culture, beaches, Wildlife, off the beaten track and good food (I'm a big foodie and my stomach is bottomless .. that's what my Hubby always says!). When it comes to accommodation in Europe we usually stay in mid-range hotels but when we travel as far as Asia we (well I.. ) normally treat ourselves to a bit of Luxury ( you only live once...)

Asia will forever have a special place in our hearts from the chaos of Bangkok to the Serenity of Lankayan Island

Growing up in such a Conservative country like Poland i feel like travelling has opened