Beatriz Encinas Duval

CEO at KV&T, Professor at Universidad Politécnica de Madrid, and Executive / Life Coach in Madrid, España

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More than 25 years assuming management and leadership responsibilities in different companies, sectors and functional areas, have allowed me to address strategies, problems, objectives and solutions from all corners of business and the people who make it possible. My specialty as business consultant: to integrate people, technologies, processes, goals , to "make things happen" and help organizations move forward.

The strength and excellence of organizations lies in their people, in a shared vision.

As a coach, my passion is to promote that kind of leadership that becomes the shining light that illuminates others on their path to wholeness. Achieve their own objectives and results, as a leader, as a person. I help people develop self-mastery, accompanying them on their way to become confident in their own inner guidance

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    • KV&T / UPM