Beatriz Segura García

Beatriz Segura García

This proactive student was born 22 years ago in a village of La Mancha, the name of which I have no desire to call to mind. It was not right away when she knew about her passion, but it did not take much longer to find out she was born with an aim of being surrounded by an intercultural enviroment and contribute to make this world a better place if possible.

Ever since 1990, Beatriz has been absorbing all the information around her and now she is finishing her double major in Tourism and Business in Antonio de Nebrija University and looking for an opportunity to work in this awesome field.

Fluent speaker in english, french, spanish and improving her german skills she has had the opportunity throughout her student years of getting some professional experience in a Hotel in the departments of billing and accounting, booking, quality and check in/ out. Not only this but also she has had the opportunity of studying abroad in Rider University located in Lawrenceville, New Jersey her 3rd year of univeristy. So in August 2011 she moved to the US to study International Business.

She has a teamwork and public relations mindset, facility in dealing with people and above all she is all enthusiasm and motivation.

Strong believer in the importance of never stop learning and willing to relocate aborad.