Becca Lonngren

Student and Filmmaker in Austin, Texas

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Hi! I am a second year student at the University of Texas at Austin pursuing a career in film production and am highly interested in joining DKA! I'm originally from Los Angeles, California, where I hope to reside after college to begin my career in the film industry. My hobbies include filmmaking, photography, fitness, painting, and improv. As an RTF major, I am aware of the variety of skill sets that are needed to complete a short film. As of now, I am very interested in production and am looking forward to collaborating with other producers on projects as well as finding directors, editors, writers, etc. to work with. I was fortune enough to have an internship in Los Angeles this past summer with a film production company known as Apex Entertainment. During my time with Apex I learned an intense knowledge about the real world film industry-- stuff they don't teach you in college courses. My main role consisted of writing coverage for scripts and providing feedback to screenwriters on pitches/treatments. I additionally learned how to roll high volume calls and manage day-to-day schedules for 5+ producers/business executives. Gaining this real world experience is something that I do not regret for a second. Not only did I gain more confidence in myself and my creative capabilities, but I also made lasting connections with industry executives in which will further advance my career in the future. An atmosphere similar to this production company would be at DKA, where I will be able to gain more hands-on experience in production and additionally delve into other aspects of film that I am interested in. I hope to make life-long friendships and connections through DKA that can better both my personal and professional life. Although I do not have much previous work or past successes to submit in this application, I'm hoping my first success will be with DKA.